Streamer. Performer. Creator.

Allegro (they/any) is a queer nonbinary mixed Black-AAPI content creator and Twitch affiliate. There you can find them playing variety games, participating in Mutual Aid or charity streams, and performing in TTRPG Actual Plays.

This silly siren is also passionate about singing, building equitable and magical worlds, tabletop games, coastal ecology, and environmental justice.

Booking is currently ★ LIMITED ★

Mutual aid, charity events, and Actual Play opportunities will be prioritized! Please contact through Discord.


Twitch streams make up the majority of Allegro's online content. Join us for Thirsty Thursdays, adventure games, and plenty of singing! If you can't join the fun live, stream VODS are available for a limited time on Twitch and clips are uploaded to Youtube and TikTok.

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Content and Appearances.

Allegro is an Actual Play performer and Storyteller with over a decade of role play and musical theater experience. When they aren't writing NPCs and songs for their home game, they're excited to tell stories about queerness, justice, and the magic of environmental relationships on and off screen!


Every additional follow, share, and recommendation goes a long way in my ability to make content and attend events!

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